Over the course of their decades-long career, these men have showed the world how to rock, how to roll, and how to play the blues. 

The legendary rock band gets an unbiased breakdown

A revisiting of the complete saga of this legendary 90s British rock band. Written for nomajesty.com

A look through an up-to-date discography of the Foo Fighters. For fans and new-comers alike to make their own selections of these impressive rockers. Written for nomajesty.com

A look at the young and evolving career of country/pop star Taylor Swift. Written for nomajesty.com

Country singer Lauren Alaina talks about her journey from American Idol to her latest album. NKD Mag. Page 10.

Ashley talks about her time on Disney, on Broadway, and on stage. NKD Mag. Page 20.

Striking Matches

Striking Matches takes time from their tour to share their feelings on their expanding stardom and proudest moments. NKD Mag. page 48.

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