Tara is a freelance copywriter specializing in creative content rooted in research. 

She can write in both American and UK/Australian English.

Her primary experience is marketing for wellness brands–particularly CBD and legal cannabis. Her portfolio includes marketing content for US-based CBD brands such as Vital Leaf and Halso, where research-based content is key. 

She also works in the Australian market writing educational articles, and working on social media strategy, including email campaigns and blog content, to help educate, inform, and push for reform for legal cannabis patients down under.

Her career is not pigeonholed, and she always enjoys the challenge of taking on a new project. From psychology and technology to wedding planning and parenting, she is skilled and experienced at moulding the words to fit the brand and always backs her work with solid research.

With a razor-sharp eye for grammar and attention to accuracy and word diversity, the work she delivers is always tailored to fit the client's distinct voice while aiming to educate and entertain.

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When she's not writing,

she's salsa dancing,


or making pizza dough.

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What are you working on now?

I'm working with the Drive Change campaign, creating web and social copy to raise awareness and call for the change of the unjust driving laws hurting medicinal cannabis patients in Australia. 

How long have you been writing about CBD?

My first article on the topic was in 2018 and I've been stuck into the latest cannabinoid studies and quality brands ever since.

I need a blog post or article on something else,

can you do it?

I'm also a ghostwriter on lots of topics–small business, social justice, fashion trends, mechanics...

Give me the info, I'll help you craft the voice.

Can you get me featured on BestCBDoils.org?

Sorry, no.


But if you want to create some great content marketing for your brand's website, I can help you there.

What's your rate per word?

You want great content, I want to get paid to write it–let's chat. I'm sure we can come to an agreement ;)